The AccountsSummary application can be used to extract summaries or simply do simultaneous autologin into https protected accounts like emails, banks, credit cards. Currently it has code to check for:

  • Emails: GMail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail
  • Banks: Wachovia
  • Credit Cards: American Express, Chase, Capital One, MBNA
  • Utilities: Verizon Wireless, Voice Works (Vonage)

    Along with the summaries, users can click on "Show/Hide Browsers" to actually view the logged in browser windows for all accounts (tabbed IE). It is currently proving to be a great timesaver for me and some of my colleagues.

    Below are the links for the source code (Visual Studio 2005 VJ# Project), the installer for this application and the README consisting of installation and running instructions. (code requires better structure - see C# code below)
    AccountsSummarySetup.msi (for an earlier version)
    README.txt (for installation)


    !-- UPDATE --!

    Also available as a Google Gadget now. Code in C# here

    Gadget Screenshots

    The projects need to be unified (probably into C# - as that code version has a better structure) and more cleanup is required. A complete TODO list to come up soon.

    The goal of this project will be to create a repository of accounts from which users can pick theirs and create a customized application. I am also thinking of possibly having a simple language to define parsing rules so that by adding text (or xml) files users can easily add new accounts.